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The Last Best Cure

Welcome to my new website and blog. I’m excited to announce my upcoming book, The Last Best Cure: My Quest to Awaken the Healing Parts of My Brain and Get Back My Body, My Joy, and My Life, to be released by Hudson Street Press on February 21st, 2013.

Writing this book has been a labor of love. For the past two years I’ve been following neuroscientists and pioneers in the brain-body field to learn everything I can about how we can activate powerful healing responses in our brain to help move toward wellness.

In many ways The Last Best Cure is the natural progression to my last book, The Autoimmune Epidemic; the next chapter in my ongoing search to help the many readers who’ve reached out to me over the years in the hopes of finding healing even in the face of chronic health and life challenges. If you’re reading this, that may well include you.

Look around my website to find out more about my journey to find The Last Best Cure. Let me know what you think. And if you will, tell me, what do you think about the idea that our brain might be our last best cure? Have you been wondering about that too? I’d love to hear your stories, your questions, your fears, your hopes.