Contest Winners!

Thanks to ALL of you who have been joining in THE LAST BEST CURE conversation on my blog. I’ve been so heartened to hear your stories, thoughts and well-wishes, it’s been lovely to hear from you all. As promised, today is the day we announce the winners of the raffle for 5 free signed copies of my book — if you posted on my blog your name was entered into the give-away drawing!

Are you ready? Congratulations to:

Pat Smith

Paige Munro

Stacy Heatherly

Rebecca Benner

Patricia Siroky

If your name isn’t on this list, don’t despair! We’re running a new contest, for two more give-away books — signed copies. To win you can enter between now and March 15th EITHER by posting on my blog or by clicking “LIKE” on my Facebook fan page! I’ll post the winners here and on Facebook on March 15th!

Congratulations to today’s give-away contest winners! We’ll reach out to you by email to find out your addresses so we can get your signed copies in the mail and headed your way!

1 thought on “Contest Winners!

  1. dear donna, I was reading your story and would like to know more. I am a 50 year old that has insurance that has refused my ivig treatments for igg deficiency. I have not had my treatments for 2 months and I am getting sick a lot. I felt alone in this, till I seen your web site. I live in fort worth, texas . do you know of any support groups to help me? thank you….

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