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Your Healing Narrative: Write-to-Heal With Neural Re-Narrating™ Program for Individuals and Healing Professionals

Now offered as an online course.

Often those who focus heartfelt energy and compassion on helping others to flourish overlook their own histories of adversity, levels of chronic stress, and the need to foster their own inner resiliency and healing. Without such awareness, individuals are more likely to struggle when faced with emotionally stressful and demanding situations, in love, work, and parenting. In this workshop – drawing upon her thirty years as a journalist eliciting interviewees’ most deeply felt emotions and insights, coupled with science-based expressive writing and mindfulness techniques – Donna teaches participants the process of “Neural Re-Narrating™.” She has offered this trauma-healing course to thousands of health care workers, physicians, practitioners, educators, and individuals facing high levels of stress on the front lines of the global pandemic.

Throughout this workshop, Donna takes participants on a journey, utilizing the process of writing-to-heal to help individuals recognize old, painful thought patterns, observe how histories of adversity may be affecting their health, relationships, work, and well-being, and begin rewriting their inner stories. In the process, participants begin to uncover internal resources for resiliency and create new, more powerful, and resonant healing narratives that help them flourish in their current lives. 

This workshop is appropriate for health care professionals; behavioral health specialists; therapists; social workers; educators; parents; and any individuals who have experienced adversity, or who face ongoing, chronic stress in their everyday lives. 

Testimonials from “Creating Your Healing Narrative” Workshop Participants:

“This workshop is powerful, like moving through many years of really good therapy condensed into a couple of hours!”

“This workshop allowed me a great and needed space to reflect and grow in mindful awareness about how my past adversity affects me in my present life. I especially loved that you left us with so many new tools for flourishing.”

“The thoughtful, caring way you talk us through the experience really enabled me to deeply remember, feel, and share. This valuable experience has certainly left me with much to continue to learn and grow from!”

“Great technique! I have been a therapist for many years and yet during your workshop, I drew connections that I have never drawn before between my history and my current interactions that have upgraded the way I respond to stress in my daily life. This was a great training!”

“I just want to thank you. Wow. I shed tears. What a very meaningful couple of hours. It couldn’t have been more powerful. Thank you for sharing your gifts with us, Donna.”

Creating Your Healing Narrative: A Writing to Heal and Neural Re-Narrating Program for Patients, Practitioners, and Educators.

Donna Jackson Nakazawa has given her “Creating Your Healing Narrative” workshop to dozens of national groups including universities, non-profits, hospitals, medical, mental health and wellness organizations, advocacy groups, educational organizations, parent groups, and schools. Her workshop offers continuing education credits. 

Previous Participating Organizations include:
  • Rutgers University Behavioral Health Care (Behavioral Health Specialists, therapists, social workers, educators.)
  • First Five Lake County, California (Health care workers, Head Start and Early Head Start teachers, school counselors, social workers, therapists, foster and adoptive parents.)
  • Care Plus of New Jersey (Mental health and behavioral health specialists.)
Medical disclaimer: The program you are signing up to participate in contains material that may cause some people, especially those with a history of adversity, trauma, anxiety, PTSD, or mental health disorders, to have strong reactions, feelings, or memories. For this reason, viewer and participant discretion is advised. The contents and information in this program presentation, including text, graphics, images, writing prompts, visualizations, and other material contained therein (“content”) are provided for informational and educational purposes only. The content is not to be perceived as or relied upon in any way as medical advice or mental health advice. Information supplied by Donna Jackson and/or Donna Jackson Nakazawa, LLC (who writes under the name Donna Jackson Nakazawa) in this workshop presentation is not a substitute for professional psychological, psychiatric or medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Participants should seek the advice of mental health professionals or other qualified health providers with questions regarding their conditions. Donna Jackson, Donna Jackson Nakazawa and/or Donna Jackson, LLC, is not liable for any advice or information provided in this program presentation.

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Art image by Mary Lou Falstreau.