Does Anybody Else

Does Anybody Look Like Me?

Does Anybody Else Look Like Me?
A Parent’s Guide to Raising Multiracial Children

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A psychologically wise guide to helping multiracial children of all ages develop confidence and a healthy understanding of their uniqueness.

“Am I black or white or am I American?” “Why don’t my eyes look like yours?” “Why do people always call attention to my ‘different’ hair?” Helping a child understand his mixed racial background can be daunting, especially when, whether out of honest appreciation or mean-spiritedness, peers and strangers alike perceive their features to be “other.” Drawing on psychological research and input from over fifty multiracial families, Does Anybody Else Look Like Me? addresses the special questions and concerns facing these families, explaining how we can best prepare multiracial children of all ages to make their way confidently in our color-conscious world. From the books and toys to use in play with young children, to advice on guiding older children toward an unflappable sense of self, Does Anybody Else Look Like Me? is the first book to outline for parents how, exactly, to deflect the objectifying attention multiracial children receive. Full of powerful stories and counsel, it is sure to become the book adoptive and birth parents of different races alike will look to for understanding as they strive to raise their children in a changing world.


“Based on personal experience and interviews conducted with 60 other multiracial families, Nakazawa has skillfully combined anecdotal research with a strong knowledge of childhood and educational development philosophy to provide this useful guide for raising multiracial children in a color- and race-conscious world.”
–Publishers Weekly

“Drawing on interviews, research, and her own experiences raising biracial children, Nakazawa offers sound advice to families of multiracial and multicultural backgrounds, whether headed by parents of different races or families who adopt children of race different from the parents.”
Library Journal

“A well-researched, readable and user friendly guide . . . [Nakazawa] writes with refreshing candor . . . She includes many practical suggestions for parents.”
Pacific Reader

“From suggesting scripts to help multiracial children gracefully react to sensitive comments, to illuminating the mindset of the multiracial adolescent, she offers readers, concerned or simply curious, a comforting guide to the unfamiliar.”
Duke Magazine

“[Nakazawa] provides parents with the tools to instill in their children an appreciation of their multiracial heritage . . .”
Hispanic Outlook in Higher Education

March 2004
Published by Da Capo Press
paperback / 256 pages
ISBN: 0738209503
Hardcover ISBN: 0738206059