Countdown Reason #5: Look What’s Sitting On My Desk!!!!

My author copies arrived! They're on my desk!











Guess what just arrived at my house? My very own box of “author copies!” My daughter was so excited that she stacked them up on my desk and took this photo this afternoon. If you look carefully you’ll see a photo of my Dad behind the stacks of books — that photo always sits on my desk, where I write, right beside a photo of my children when they were young. My dad died from a complication from his chronic illnesses when I was growing up. He was also a journalist. So I guess I can’t help but think of how he might have smiled, if he’d had the chance to hold the books I write in his hands — or, even better, meet his grandchildren whose photos sit beside his. That’s why, I guess, I dedicated this book to him. This one’s for you, Dad!

8 thoughts on “Countdown Reason #5: Look What’s Sitting On My Desk!!!!

    1. Thanks Ta-Ya, I know you do great work at Johns Hopkins, hope you enjoy the chapters about acupuncture in The Last Best Cure!

  1. Congratulation Donna! So excited for you my friend! Enjoy your moment, you certainly deserve it!!

  2. Thanks Pat and Julie. I am really looking forward to the book being “out there” and helping everyone I can with what I’ve learned. Hard to believe — just four more days! I can’t wait to hear what you think; hoping you find the book a life-changing read.

  3. How wonderful, Donna! Your dad is certainly smiling about your success, your inner and outer beauty, and the incredible work that you are doing to bring great information to all of us. Most of all he (and the rest of us) are so amazed at the way you are healing yourself, and through the books and your outreach, teaching us all to help heal ourselves.

  4. You must be so pleased. I was thinking of your book today and look foward to it being on the market. Congratulations to you.

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