Two Wise Teachers

Photo credits to my daughter, Claire who took this photo during a snowy walk this weekend as we ventured into the woods and stream behind our house.

I spent this weekend at a two day meditation event with one of my dearest friends, and together we soaked in the amazing wisdom of Syliva Boorstein and Sharon Salzberg, who came together to teach as a duo on this snowy, rainy weekend in Washington DC.

My favorite nuggets:

Sylvia Boorstein’s teaching, “May I meet this moment fully, May I not complicate it, May I meet it as a friend.”

Sharon Salzberg’s teaching: “The most important moment of meditation is the moment you sit down to do it.”

And Syliva Boorstein’s teaching about how to handle being in busy, harried family life and not lose one’s hard won peace in the midst of it: “Try not to fall into other people’s states of mind.” I find this really wise as I raise teenagers…

My deepest gratitude to these two wise teachers.

I am particularly grateful that at the end, I received the joyful gift of a warm hug from Sylvia Boorstein, who was so kind to say such lovely things about The Last Best Cure when it came out last spring. As I told my friend Elizabeth, who is one of those wonderful kinds of friends who always keeps me honest with myself, as I grow older, I hope to become more like Sylvia Boorstein — she pretty much glows with metta. And to please remind me, when I am overreactive and small of mind, by saying, “Remember, you want to glow like Syliva Boorstein.”

Sometimes, just to meet someone whom you admire so much, whose teachings you follow, and to see how their presence changes those around them — because their compassion and loving kindness comes from such a deep wellspring the whole room can sip from it — well, that is a teaching in and of itself. Thank you Sylvia Boorstein and Sharon Salzberg (whose fabulous new book is just out, Real Happiness at Work).

2 thoughts on “Two Wise Teachers

  1. B’H
    In response to going from point A to point B. Globally we have, ” The shortest distance between two infinities is G-d.” That epiphany came to me in one of my classes. The other is when I meditate with my clients, an aligned instruction to your Point A to Point B is , ” What was, was; what will be, will be. In between is NOW. And NOW IS FOREVER!”

    Also, I like your NOW timepiece. Imagine the gas gauge in your car, E on the bottom, F on the top. Step out of your body( having a controlled out of body experience, creating a new inner-body reality.). Now let go of your ego as you come back in( much much much much more to it in session, however a good place to start.). “Wherever E-go, I-go. “. Just drop it and imagine your new ego gauge is like that of your car’s gas gauge, except, E is now EGOLESS, and F is FULL of Yourself( E on the top, F on the bottom.)

    All the Best,

  2. This sounds absolutely wonderful. the statement about not falling into others’ states of mind really resonates with me. I found that especially challenging when I was working in a bit of a high-stress, occasionally hostile environment. It’s a constant struggle, but I’m doing much better with it.

    I think these two have a lot to teach anyone — as do you. Happiest of holidays and new years to you.

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