Big News Coming! The Next Book!

I’m just about to announce my next book project — which I’ve signed for with Atria/Simon & Schuster. I’m going to be looking for interviewees for this one! So, stay tuned…I’ll be reaching out to you, my amazing, faithful readers.

I'll be looking for readers who want to be part of my next book... I'll announce it soon!
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6 thoughts on “Big News Coming! The Next Book!

  1. Congradulations Donna! Have just received your last book, and can’t wait to read it, and am looking forward to your next one. I get news a little late these days, but look forward to hearing from you. Best wishes DJ.

  2. Three cheers, Donna! That is good news indeed — you know I’ll be looking forward to it!

    Another unrelated note — good news for me, too. I’m retired officially and most of my tests came back negative, which is a very positive development! There is still some wait-and-see, but for now some of the stress is off and life is good.

    1. Jeanie! Just saw this! Ya-hoo! On both counts! What are your plans now? I hope they include lots of time in nature, time to enjoy life’s sweetness, you have worked hard for it.

  3. I’m looking forward to your new book. I really appreciate your credible writing. I haven’t read Autoimmune Epidemic (yet), but I loved The Last Best Cure and have recommended to friends as well as blog readers.

    1. Oh Thank you Rachel, I really appreciate your letting me know, and letting others know. So kind of you to reach out.

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